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Indian hospitality and food

I spent the month of November of 2023 in Delhi. I traveled from my hometown Malvern in Worcestershire to Delhi after a period of two years no thanks to the pandemic.

Delhi is my first home, where family, friends and food come together in a beautiful symphony that defines my heritage and my background.

I wanted to share some the food photos and videos I took during my trip. These photos are of home-cooked meals that were made by hospitable family and friends who invited me to their homes.

The food I was served is very typical of what is either made in a typical North Indian Punjabi kitchen in Delhi or was ordered in from famous restaurants like that in old Delhi which specialised in a certain way of cooking. More on that in

the pictures!

Food (main course as we know here) during a dinner party is generally laid out buffet style on the dining table. For smaller gatherings, people sit around the table and eat or for bigger gatherings, they may sit in the lounge and eat.

Snacks/starters: At family gatherings or dinner/lunch parties, starters are served by the hosts with drinks, passed around the room. Passed around in trays in condiments and chutneys, these range from tandoori chicken and goat kababs to vegetarian options like paneer. This could also be your “first course”!

Main course: One generally helps oneself to everything on the table- put the food in a few bowls on the plate and there. you have easily helped yourself to all the dishes on the dining table!

Flatbreads or rice : well, flatbreads would not be naan breads (which are mostly ordered from a local Takeaway if you fancy them) but phulkas or chapatis made of whole wheat flour in every kitchen and served hot with curries and daals and vegetable dishes.

I do hope you have questions about my post today! Happy to answer!

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Wow, that spread looks fit for a king!

I would love to travel there and try some authentic Indian food, it looks fabulous! 😘

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