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Hear It From Me

I came to the UK seven years back at the age of 36, born and brought up in India, more specifically Delhi. I just missed the Indian food I have grown up eating in my family home, my mum and grandmum’s dishes, the local north Indian restaurants, and those regional dishes that travel and staying in different parts of the country afforded me. I think one takes it for granted when we live in a certain culture.  

It was now up to me to carry that legacy here. I bought this notebook and started jotting down my recipes from my aunts.

 It was only during the pandemic in  2020 that I started sharing my recipes with other Indian food lovers on social platforms, it was such a dark time in our lives and I wanted to share something positive. The response I got was overwhelming. I founded Suki's Curries and Spices with a mission to give other Indian food lovers the REAL TASTE OF INDIA. 

Feel free to reach out if you would if you have a question on Indian cuisine or spices, or want to learn how to cook your favorite curry!.

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