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Indian cooking kitchen aids to make your curry cooking easier!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Indian cooking kitchen aids to make your curry cooking easier!

- A good grinder and blender. You need to puree the tomatoes, sometimes it's onions with ginger & garlic and other times it's marinades. Invest in a good grinder. Sometimes, you want to make a spice mix of dry roasted whole spices!

- Air tight jars. Buy your stock of spices and then transfer them into air tight jars which help maintain their longevity, aromas and flavours intact.

- A deep non-stick pan or wok. When you cook curry, it tends to be left on the low heat to cook and you need a non-stick pan to ensure it doesn't get burnt. Also a deeper pan ensures that when you cook, the tomato puree or mixture doesn't come on you. A glass lid helps to look at how the curry is coming along frequently without opening the lid.

- Mortar and pestle. I like to crush my ginger and garlic into a course paste manually. Sometimes I may grind the whole seeds of coriander and cumin this way too. Rudimentary and very effective.

- Rubberised spatula. I know these are used for baking. When you are stirring a curry or mixing all the spices, purees and pastes together, a rubber spatula works like magic. Easy to manoeuvre and assists in mixing well.

I can also talk about chopping boards, knives and lots other kitchen essentials!

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